A Sponsee​​

A sponsor will expect a sponsee to actively participate in his or her recovery. The sponsor will expect the sponsee to be honest with themselves and others. Sponsees will need to make regular contact with their sponsor and will be expected to follow through on commitments. Sponsees with addictions must also be committed to abstinence. We cannot work an effective ACA program if we are dosing ourselves with alcohol, drugs or other addictive behaviors.

A sponsor will watch for willingness from the person being sponsored and will pay attention to whether the sponsee completes Step work and attends meetings regularly. A sponsor will expect a sponsee to accept full responsibility for his or her program and behavior.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to recover and find peace and serenity?     BRB p. 124

Are you willing to follow the Six Suggestions For Ongoing Recovery?:
  • Stop acting out on food, sex, relationships, gambling, spending, alcohol & drugs.
  • Go to meetings regularly and break the “Don’t Talk” rule.
  • Get a Sponsor and work the Twelve Steps.
  • Get the ACA “Big Book”.
  • Get telephone numbers.  Don’t isolate.
  • Get a Higher Power. BRB p. 571