​​ACA   Northern  California  Intergroup 640 Newsletter
December, 2017
Together  We  Can  Achieve  Anything! 

Listen to your Inner Child not with fear but with openess.
Surround yourself with people who respect you and treat you well.
In faith one finds the strength to survive times of great fear and sadness.
Claudia B.  BRB pgs. xxiv - xxv

Step 12   Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry                      this message to others who still suffer, and to practice these principles in all our                    affairs.

Apply the Wisdom and Share It
The Twelfth Step means I have come so far from the original pain that brought me into the program. 

As it says in I have awareness, strength and power ro apply this program in every area of my life, not just a specific compulsion ot addiction. I can be of service to others, both within and outside the program. I volunteer my time by listening and being supportive. I strive to be an example of a peaceful and happy way of living.

As it says in The Solution, "We progress from hurting to healing to helping."
Thank God.  BRB pgs. 279-280

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