Inner Child - True Self

Once we become comfortable with affirmations and sharing about being a Loving Parent, we are usually ready to make contact with our Inner Child. For many ACA members this represents our True Self. This is the part of us that is our original being. The Inner Child has original trust, original belief and original love. The child within understands feelings and the language of the Higher Power. The Inner Child or True Self is present during our spiritual experiences and underpins our spiritual awakening.

Adult children who have experienced their Inner Child describe an inner being that is joyful and playful. There is a feeling of lightness and great optimism when the Inner Child is active in one's life. There is trust, spontaniety and warmth. Many adult children can describe an Inner Child's voice, physical appearance and likes and dislikes. Meditation and consistent writing with the opposite or non-dominant hand seem to reveal the greater presence of the Inner Child.

Connecting with our Inner Child brings greater integration and moves us closer to our Higher Power. Connecting with the Inner Child also helps us to remember. Our memory holds the key to living in the present with a full range of feelings, hope and spirituality. First, we must be willing. With willingness we attend ACA meetings, work the Twelve Steps and develop a support system. Tools for connecting with the Inner Child can involve drawing or painting pictures of the family. We can listen to music or dance as part of connecting with our Inner Child or True Self. As adults we learn to free ourselves from our self-imposed prisons. We give ourselves permission to feel and to truly be alive. We are on our way to becoming whole and healthy human beings. We can connect with a power greater than ourselves and find balance.