ACA Intergroup Meeting Minutes
Sacramento and Northern California
May 6, 2017

Those in attendance - 8
Brenda, Cathy, Robert, Courbet, Carol, Christy, Jessica, Barbara

Chair - Courbet, Sacramento
Public Information - Carol, Sacramento
Events - Cathy, Brentwood

New Business
1. Increasing ACA Meeting Attendance
    a. Bring Treats
    b. Make a Flyer and have ready to hand out to people and post at other
        Recovery meetings, Churches, and Coffee shops.
    c. Offer Chaired meeting -people always like to hear personal stories.

2. ACA Intergroup Events Coordinator will plan a potluck picnic for all ACA meeting members and family to attend. Courbet and Carol will present a Sponsorship workshop in January and June at The Sunlight of the Spirit Bookstore in Sacramento.

3. Courbet has the Red Book for $20. Yellow for $12, Laundry List $15,
Daily Affirmations Meditation Book Soft $12 Hard $15. $2 off two books

4. After ACA meetings cover room rent, supplies, literature and have two months reserves, the ACA Red Book suggests that any excess funds be distributed 60% to the Intergroup and 40% to the WSO.