ACA  Intergroup Meeting Minutes
Sacramento and ​Northern California

Saturday, November 4th 10am-12pm

In attendance: 5 - Courbet, Robert, Brenda, Caroline (by phone), Carol
Voting Members:
          Courbet, Chair
          Carol, Chair/Webmaster
          Robert, Treasurer
          Caroline, Secretary & GSR - Sacramento

The August 26th meeting minutes were approved.
New Business:
1. Courbet - Intergroup Book Purchasing Rep.
                      Motion to make Courbet the Rep - voting was unanimous

                      Motion to give Courbet $2 for Red Books and $1 for all other books
                      ordered to cover cost of distribution, invoicing and ordering
2.                    Skip Dec. 2nd meeting and meet one week later on Dec. 9th at 10 am
3.                    Carol and Caroline to research Skype and conference calls so members
                       who are unable to attend the meeting in person can attend the intergroup