Sane and Sober Holidays

“This content is not conference approved literature. It is solely the product of
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opinion about this content.” ACA WSO

1.   Get to a meeting

2.   When going to events, take your own car so you can leave.

3.    Limit time at parties.

4.    Take a recovery Buddy.

5.    Ask a recovery Buddy to call you at the party to check in on you.
       If feel ready to go, then you can use the call as an excuse.
       You don't have to give any reasons. Simply say, I have to Go. Thank you.

6.    Call Recovery Buddies.

7.    Call your sponsor.

8.    If you are newly sober, you can skip events with alcohol. 
       It is OK to take care of yourself.

9.    Get out of yourself and Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter, Alcathon 
       Food Bank, go Christmas Caroling or donate toys.

10.  Host your own sane and sober Holiday Party.

11.   Remember you didn't cause other peoples dysfunction, you can't
       cure it and you cannot control it.

12.   You yourself as much as anybody in the entire Universe deserve
        your love and affection. Gandhi