Tips to Start a Meeting

  1. Find a location close to you. If churches say no, get an AA and an Al-Anon schedule of meetings and find their locations which indicate places that are meeting friendly. Groups have found space in recovery centers, Intergroup centers, churches, parks, schools, hospitals, recovery book stores, or public service organizations at reasonable rents. Some meetings have started in someone’s home, but usually found the need to move into a larger, “neutral space” within a few months.

  2. Pick a day and time that is convenient for you.

  3. Plan to attend every week for one year. Don't get scared or overwhelmed, this will ground you in recovery.

  4. Pick the type of meeting you want, book study, step study, meditation, etc.

  5. If they say yes, ask what the room rent is. Ask if they would give you a six month reduction till your meeting gets started.

  6. Ask if they require insurance, ACA Headquarters does not offer insurance. If they want insurance, you probably have to keep looking.

  7. Ask if the room has a bathroom nearby and a sink so you can make coffee/tea.

  8. After you have a place, go online to adult and add your meeting to the ACA meeting list. Put your name and number as the contact person.

  9. You may want to buy 2-3 books so people can follow along.

  10. Try to have Birthdays as soon as possible. Even if you are the only one, you are celebrating recovery. Try to have Business meetings as soon as possible.​​​
  11. Create a meeting format that is read during each meeting by the secretary. You can refer to the BRB or use one of these sample formats. 

Congratulations! You have a Recovery meeting!!
You are on the road to Happiness, Peace and Serenity.
​For any questions about starting a meeting, contact Carol (209) 614-1058

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