Do you feel like nothing you do is ever good enough? You don't have to take it anymore.  
You can have a new life!    Be safe and get to a recovery meeting.

Types of Abuse

  1. 0
    Blame Humiliate Manipulate Isolate Embarrass Play Mind Games Degrade Brain Wash Laugh At Demean Criticize Sarcastic Lie to Control Resentful Say you are crazy Steal from Jealous
  2. 1
    Hit or Kick Push Punch Holes Burn Pinch Pull Hair Hold Down Tickle Strangle Throw things Force to Use Stalk Drive Recklessly
  3. 2
    Name Calling Criticize Ridicule Threaten Lies Cuss Correct Compare to Others
  4. 3
    Touch Privates Force Sex Put Down Have an Affair Withhold Pornography Sex in Front of You Take Credit Cards Sell or Trade You Treat Sex as Object Refuse Safe Sex Refuse Birth Control Get STD
  5. 5
    Put Your Religion Down Use Religion against You Isolate You Not Allow you to Force you to
  6. 4
    Forbid to Work Withhold Steal Get You Fired Destroy Your Stuff Use Drugs or Alcohol Refuse to Get a Job Max out Credit Cards Not Pay Bills Forge Signature