​What is Sponsorship
Sponsorship in ACA is one of the key actions that helps an ACA member maintain emotional sobriety while continuing to grow spiritually.  BRB p. 367  

An ACA sponsor can help us learn to have a happy, elective life. A sponsor can help us learn to accept love and care, to be kind to ourselves and to be supportive of each other.

A Sponsor is someone in ACA, who attends meetings, works an active ACA program, and is willing to be available in assisting you in your program.  The Sponsor will not work the program for you, but he or she can offer support, hope and clarity.  We strongly suggest getting a sponsor early on.  Do not go it alone.  Our experience shows that you cannot recover in isolation.  BRB p. 125-127

Having a sponsor can be the difference between remaining stagnated or finding greater levers of choice and freedom.  BRB p. 372

To make steady progress in ACA and to break out of isolation, we need a sponsor. The relationship between a sponsor and sponsee represents a spiritual connection between two people helping each other find life beyond the effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family. As fellow travelers on the road of recovery, the sponsor and sponsee find empathy. This is the mutual understanding that puts action into our identification with another adult child. 

An ACA sponsor can help us understand our ACA characteristics and can help us identify and work through our painful feelings. A sponsor can help us live a happier healthier life by guiding us through the 12 Steps of ACA to overcome barriers of denial. A sponsor can help us take responsibility for ourselves by helping us develop spiritual growth.

Types of Sponsorship

Traditional:  An experienced ACA member guides a sponsee through the Twelve Steps and helps them understand the ACA recovery process.
Co-Sponsor:  Two ACA members with similar program time and experience support each other’s continued recovery.
Temporary:  ACA members in a treatment or institutional facility may use a short-term sponsor until a more permanent sponsor in an ACA home group may be found.
Long Distance:  ACA members who are geographically isolated may use online or telephone meetings for support. Where circumstances prevent face-to-face contact with a sponsor, long-distance sponsorship can still be meaningful and effective.